Kids, Teens, Adults

Na's Kung Fu Academy caters to students and practitioners at all levels, who are looking for self-defense, fitness, and personal development.  Students can become stronger and more centered and can improve their character through training in Kung Fu.

Confidence is the Key


Gaining confidence is the key to experiencing success in all areas of one's life.  Kung Fu training will help practitioners discover hidden abilities and skills, which will help them develop more confidence in themselves.  More confidence means more success at work and at school.

Beginning Kung Fu Classes

Beginning classes develop coordination, strength, balance, speed, and agility through Kung Fu stances and exercises, along with Tan Tui forms and self-defense instruction.

Advanced Kung Fu Classes

Advanced classes are available for those seeking to achieve higher mastery.  Instruction includes advanced forms and their self-defense applications, and weapons usage and forms.

Tai Chi and Meditation Classes

We alternate each year between teaching Yang style and Chen style Tai Chi.  Due to the pandemic, Tai Chi is being offered only by through private lessons.  Please contact Grandmaster Na for arrangements.

Ages 5 and Up

We accept ages 5-12 for our Childrens classes.  Based on their maturity, some younger children might be accepted upon evaluation by Grandmaster Na.  Ages 13+ are in our Teens or Adults classes.

Point Nine Classes

ADD/ADHC children are welcome.  Please contact us to discuss enrolling your child in our Point Nine Classes.